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Welcome to the authentic home of The Zartia Series online, intended for young adult readers. It is currently unpublished, but I hope to discover an agent someday who will represent my writing as passionately as I do. Have a look around and sign the guestbook before you go if you feel like it.


Did you know? 55% of all Young Adult literature is purchased by readers over the age of 18. So no matter your age, read YA!

For old fans and new, this site is meant to serve as the central hub for all things Zartian.

Zartia  (Zar•tee•ah) noun

1. Secret island in the Gulf of Mexico mainly accessible to the witches and wizards of the world.


2. Nation electively alienated from common knowledge.


3. Capital city of Zartia.


4. The primary location of The Zartia Series.


Zartian - adjective, noun

1. To reside in Zartia; to posess nationality or heritage to Zartia or witches or wizards. "She lives in New York, but she's Zartian by blood."


2. Anything described as pertaining to the nation, city, or its people.

Zartian Timeline

Starting with the conception of the series in 2007 to the present.

The structure of the Zartia Series, curtesy of my dry erase board skills:

"Evan had mentioned the possibility that there was a teenage girl who could change the course of history. It was a widespread rumor mainly, and although he didn’t pay much mind to things of that nature, he wondered: Could this be the girl? The one who supposedly had the island’s – and everyone else’s – fate in her hands?"

-Damien, Point of No Return (PoNR), Chapter 12

Zartia photo album. Find maps, what inspired characters, mock covers, and more

By Ameka Menes

They aren't all written yet, and certainly subject to revision as time goes on, but this is how things stand currently - for your easy reference.

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