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Point of No Return Summary

Point of No Return is about more than just a romance. As well as action it has numerous unpredictable plot twists.

The story begins with Danielle, a curious fourteen year old who moves from New York to Zartia, a secret island in the Gulf of Mexico. From there, she makes new friends, discovers enemies in concealment, and falls in love for the fist time with Dexter.

But with the death of an important person in Danielle's life, she finds herself changing and becoming more mature. In her devastation, she finds a companion, Damien (a vampire), who has walked that road long before her and can empathize.

In the end she is faced with the desire to find this important person's murderer, discover who is secretly plotting to destroy Zartia's secrecy, and choose between Dexter, the boyfriend she loves, and Damien, the vampire she can't deny her feelings for despite her rationalizations.

Who will she pick?

Which influential character will die and leave Danielle in despair?

And most importantly, will she be able to unravel the mystery of who is threatening her beloved Zartia's secrecy and save the island from its point of no return?

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