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Here are the dedications to each book in The Zartia Series that I've worked on. Don't get down if none are addressed to you: I've still got a couple more books to write and one more dedication to go so you never know, the next one might just end up having your name there!

Point of No Return
This story is dedicated
to my best friend Jessi Bailey,
my first fan.
Thank you for always
supporting me!

The Sunrize
This story's dedication is

under construction!

Check back to see who

it's gifted to.

A Silver Thorn
This story is dedicated
to Erin Alston,
who's always supported
my writing endeavors.

Faded Ink
This story is
dedicated to Courtney Smith,
who loves Damien almost as
much as I do.

Dusk to Dawn
This story is
dedicated to Kensey Baker,
who came up with the craziest
(and funniest) predictions.

By Design
Keep track of the series to find out who the last dedication will go to!

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