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Dear Devoted Readers,


I've finished four semesters of grad school. Things are going swimmingly. I'm taking the summer to work on PoNR and hopefully be ready to submit to agents by early August. It's time to try again on that front. Concurrently, I realized it would be useful to have a full character list, spanning the entire series. This is not something I'm explicitly planning to share on the website until there is corresponding publication of each novel, but I think it will be useful for me to see a fuller picture of how the characters come and go throughout the series - which is something that really solidifies to the reader once we get to the third book.

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I finished my first semester of grad school. Before I applied to Duquesne, I would ask people in their masters programs whether they thought it was difficult or not. Some people said a masters is easier than a bachelors. Others said getting a masters is way harder than getting a bachelors. I have found myself in the latter camp. But this way is probably best. I can say I've been learning a lot, and that was the point. I'm not doing this for the degree, to put it on my resume. This is for me to learn, to become a better, more considerate person, and I think I'm heading in that direction.


I understand that 2020 sucked for a lot of people. I was very lucky in that it was a great year for me. I never expected that a year in which so many people are suffering from causes greater than any one of us, that such a difficult year would be a good one for me. So I've been conflicted and I stayed silent on the socials. I did a bit of writing, specifically for this little Zartia project of mine :) , but otherwise I spent a lot of time reading, learning, and mulling everything over. It's worth noting here, as well, since I've shared it everywhere else, that I got into Duquesne University for their Masters of Leadership program. This was actually last January. I accepted in April. And I deferred for a year in July. I really want to make a difference in the world. When I was a teen, I didn't worry about such things, but now I do. I can't rely on other people magically making the world change. My voice matters too. Yours does also, even if you speak with your silence.​​


Here's a new decade and I am thrilled! I'm always planning ahead but it feels time to let the seeds sprout. For now, let me tell you what I've been up to, because 2019 was a year on the up and up. I started a new position at K&L Gates which I am so far delighted to be at. I'm looking to move into another house here soon, if things work out. I have two new cats, amazing companions perfect for me. I know I am lucky to have such wonderful people surrounding me, and a city full of opportunities that welcomes me every day.



I gave up the house. I gave up a lot of things in the hope of betterment. It's working out. I haven't spent a lot of time writing but I can say I've been actively out living my life more than ever thought I could or would. I'm still overlooking downtown though - fresh angles provide fresh starts. And no one really needs a new year for that. Each sunrise is opportunity enough.



The older I get, the more out of reach all the things I dreamed of doing when I was younger seem. What is this thing called a career that is supposed to be predefined and stable? Why do some people get to be cool multi-hyphenates while the rest of us are supposed to be boxed into an outdated definition of the working woman?

     I live in a house that overlooks downtown Pittsburgh and the Monongahela River. It's gorgeous, day and night. I want a "career" that looks just as beautiful, to me and those who view my life as exemplary.


Have you ever felt like the last year was awful? 2017 wasn't all awful but it was still pretty awful. Moving to Pittsburgh and meeting so many cool kids was awesome. The 15 or so unexpected expenses throughout the year? Not so much. So let's clink our glasses together for a better 2018 - and may all your dreams, dear reader, come true.​​


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've been tutoring all over Pittsburgh - some ACT/ SAT, 5th grade reading, 8th grade writing... but no matter the subject I love the kids and teaching has turned into a passion I didn't know I had. I've had a lot of time to think about writing, and I've been doing some of that, too, but I'm trying to work my way out of the rut I've been in with this one chapter I'm revising. Perfection is a tall order and I hate to disappoint - especially not my most loyal fans.


Hello from Pittsburgh!

     Boy it's been a ride, but so totally worth it. There were people who didn't believe I could do it, people who didn't believe I would do it, and now? Well, now they know.

     I'm settled in and looking to make connections. This. Is. Happening!



I have an announcement, one that I have seesawed back and forth over for some time to reassure myself now is the right time. I intend to move to Pittsburgh before the summer is over. I wanted to do this a long time ago but I didn't have the financial means. I am hoping to have my chapters finished and up on this platform before then, and to have solicited agents by that point as well. I'm nervous about finding an abode I like as much as my current one and getting a job up there that suits all my needs, but I have faith I can do this. The only way to make a dream a reality is to take action.


As I'm on the cusp of my 24th birthday, I am aware I haven't updated everything that I said I would - and that's what I'm working on tonight. I certainly have a few new things to share and I am prioritizing posting the new chapters of Zartia. Bear with me for a little bit as I tweak formatting; I believe the reading experience is important. Thanks for sticking with me and checking back!


December is upon us! I am glad to say there have been many stolen moments for Zartian writing over the weeks since I last wrote, but now I am purposefully setting aside time this month for writing-related goals. It needs to happen or I won't get it done. I want to be ready by the New Year to pursue my publishing options again. Be ready to see several updates in hopefully only a matter of days.



I type from a place of passion and loyalty - my promises to you, dear readers, are not empty. I know I have not updated some of the material on this site in some time, and I hope the pause makes way for better results. I would rather take my time and give my best to a project - to anything in life, really - than to let those who count on me down.

     Things in general are going well for me, and I feel lucky. I have been writing plenty, although not publishing these written items. I labor over the Zartian map, dreaming for the imaginary to be properly represented in the best reality I can create. Everything is coming together. I don't feel it; I know it.


I've written four novels in this series and here I am, trying to perfect the very beginning - the one that started so many years ago. This is not a moment of nostalgia, but one of an artistic crises - how do I return to the beginning after everything else I've created? After all the growing up I've personally done? How do I stay true to the original vision while staying true to who I am now?

    I've sat with my pen to paper countless times, working the subtleties of the first three paragraphs out. It has yet to satisfy; I moan and toil.



My 50-hour/week job takes up a lot of my time and energy, but rest assured my thoughts are never far from my writing. I am beginning to wonder if having a stay at home job wouldn't suit me better. But isn't that most authors' dream? Imagine, I could stay in my shorts even in the winter because I wouldn't have to go out! I think of such things as the weather was particularly warm and enjoyable today. I'm keeping my chin up and looking forward to the months ahead. I believe good things are to come, and maybe the belief will be enough for the universe to favor me.



I fancy my current work position at Xerox well enough and have settled in. Although it leaves me with less spare time than I'd like (I clocked in 50 hours this week), I am trying to keep my motivation up for my interests and hobbies. I have finished editing Faded Ink and have moved on to revision, both in Faded Ink (Z4) and Point of No Return (Z1). When I feel satisfied with the latter's new opening chapters, I will post them in their entirety on here. In the meantime I am piecing together a large map of Zartia in island form - but if the way you imagine Zartia's layout is not quite the same... well, I have no qualms with that!




It's been a quick summer from my perspective. A lot of things went wrong, but a probably equal amount of things went right. I left my position with Barnes & Noble and am about to begin working at Xerox, which offered me better pay and is closer to home. I went for a week-long vacation to Pittsburgh, visiting an old friend and sightseeing the city. I have been working hard on finishing up some poems that have been in progress for years, and am now editing Faded Ink (Z4). My goal the past few weeks has been to return to a life of taking it slow - because that offers me the right atmosphere for reflection and, consequently, writing. It's working.



I am now employed full-time as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble. I commute an hour to Louisville for this, but it doesn't much bother me. I intend to move over there in a bit as a matter of convenience. In apartment hunting, I have been looking at spaces in which I could designate a room for a home office space. I have found a few optinos that fit all my desires and needs and will begin checking them out in a couple days. Until the move is completed, I don't see myself having much spare time to write but we will see. I will aim to work on things if the mood strikes me.



I have news! I finally graduated from Transy in April and have since been taking it easy, as college (and my motivation) did a fine job of burning me out physically and intellectually. But I'm back in a good place and am now job-searching. As always, Zartia is on my mind... more now than ever as the reliable creative tug is back. I've actually been happy lately, though, and I don't tend to be as motivated towards writing specifically in times such as these. So this time instead of telling you the same old 'yeah, yeah, I'm working on it' I'm going to say that I'm going to chill for a while - but please feel free to contact me during this (much deserved) down time.



No excuses - I didn't meet my goal of having revisions finalized by last Friday. If you're a believer in excuses I certainly have them but I'm not one to rely on an excuse to soften the blow of my shortcomings. The good news, though, is that I am currently still working on these revisions and will post them to this site when I feel satisfied with them. In other news, I am updating this site in numerous ways during my break and hope to make it more dynamic than before. My goal is a mix of professional as well as fun: for the future agent and the reliable fan.



It's been slow going revising the first few chapters of Point of No Return, the first novel. This has mostly been due to three things: I've either been trudging through a college semester, been abroad, or been working three jobs. However, a friend recently challenged me to finish my revisions by winter break, which begins on 12/12. I'm taking her up on it. As of today, I've got a month - wish me luck.



After officially launching this site on the 16th, I feel good about where it's heading and adjacently, where I'm heading in my life too. Next semester starts next week for me and I hope to take it a little easier this time around. After that, I'll be taking a month to return to the homeland (Budapest, Hungary). I'm kind of excited about it but it's still a ways off. Otherwise, I'm happy with how last semester turned out despite that the holiday season caused me to work a lot. I fully intend to get back to writing The Zartia Series. I've had some personal setbacks in that way the latter half of this past year, but things will be different this time around. You'll see. :)



certainly stayed away from many beloved activities in my time of healing and thereafter retrospection. I am not the same woman I was before I was hit by that van and I have discovered that I am not sure how to define myself in the here and now. I would like to turn to writing but find that the demands of the semester do not allow me the time. Anyway, I have done one important thing that has been dear to me for some time, and that is why this site is now happily live in our communal cyberspace under its own moniker. More to come - the semester is winding down.I have 




The second job has gone downhill for reasons I'm better off not disclosing. It hasn't helped anything that I was hit by a car as I was bicycling across a street entrance. I certainly haven't progressed with my writing since the accident. I need time to heal. However, things are not completely stagnant; I'm working on several yet-to-be-announced projects that have taken off quite nicely, each in their own way. Meanwhile I am persuing a different second job. So that's all the updates.



I've been working a lot... at my library position mostly. I feel bad that I haven't really made any progress on D2D.  But I've been thinking a lot. I mean, I'm always thinking a lot, but lately I've been contemplating love and how as we grow, our personalities can change, and therefore how that may affect our relationships. Will they evolve with us? Or are they more likely to get left behind? I've been working on fleshing out the outline for the novel and I've come up with a lot of gaps. I'm hoping that through more contemplation I'll figure all that out. In the mean time, I've acquired a second job at Aerie. I'm really liking it so far.



Another year of college complete! It's hard to believe that I started writing this series my sophomore year of high school and now I'm a junior in college. However, recent events have included my studying abroad in London during May term. It was quite wonderful and it broke my heart to leave. As I finish blogging for my university's admissions  and begin writing the fifth Zartia novel, Dusk to Dawn, I will be updating here much more regularly as I did my previous Zartia site every summer before. Stay tuned - good things are on the way.



I was rejected a while ago by the second agency I sent my work off to. Then, by pure chance, I was checking out Veronica Roth's blogspot and found some really good advice. With that in mind, I have set to revising my first novel in the hopes that since I now have an idea of what I should be revising and how, hopefully it will make it even better than it was. Then again, I'm the writer. I'm more than a bit biased. Forgive me?    

About Me:

I'm a 30-year-old Transylvania University graduate (English major, Women's Studies minor), currently attending Duquesne University for their Masters in Leadership program. I love all things artsy, with the exception of mismatched socks. I learn languages in my free time and am seldom reading less than five books at once. I favor indie films that are more often than not hard to find. An optimistic realist at heart, I hope to see The Zartia Series in the hands of youth: I write as much to connect as entertain and I would love to inspire someone else to follow their dreams, too, as I was from reading literature produced by passionate writers who labored over words before I had any notion of what that really meant. I don't write for me (although it can be cathartic) but for the joy and thought of others. I started The Zartia Series when I was fourteen and I would never have kept up with it for so long if I didn't genuinely love every imagined inch of that world. One day, I hope to share its entirety with anyone and everyone. In the meantime, criticism might get me further than praise. 

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